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I was suffering from a neck injury from a skiing accident as well as a chronic tennis elbow. Fortunately for me I was directed by The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage to  Licensed Massage Therapist Brian Shoen. Brian is a a therapist who communicates well, is sensitive to your concerns, gives feedback that you can understand, and has a passion for his work.

His demeanor is such that you feel respected as a client and that he will do his best to help you heal. With my injuries, Brian was and is,  able to call upon and integrate intuitively, his vast knowledge, training and experiences that specifically pinpoints and brings some sense of "order" and healing to my injuries. I will definitely be going back to Brian as my "go to" guy for Therapeutic Massage.

Barney T., June 2016


Brian is an outstanding massage therapist! He is especially attentive to client needs. I highly recommend Brian's services. He does great deep tissue!

Ruthie D., May 2016


I'm a therapeutic massge therapist myself, and tend to be pretty selective when choosing another therapist to work on me. Not everyone has the skills to bridge the gap between relaxation massage and therapeutic treatment. Brian definitely has these abilities and more...

An old neck injury was acting up--leaving my shoulders, cervical spine and jaw in excruciating pain and gibving me a throbbing headache to boot. This situation had been building for several days with no end in sight. I went in to the treatment just hoping for a little relief...after an hour of amazing targeted treatment, I walked out with absolutely no pain!

Brian's intimate knowledge of anatomy, understanding of physiology, exceptional ability to hone in on the most critical/causative problem areas, zen focus and highly effective therapeutic techniques all serve to make his treatment amazingly effective. I can't believe the difference in my neck--and the change was lasting!

It shouldn't be a surprise to find out after your treatment that he is an instructor at the local Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. I will definitely make him my go to person for both relaxation and therapeutic work.

Helene L., May 2016


Absolute 5 stars for Mr. Shoen! He's a wizard in healing arts. A strong and clear, and wonderfully skilled massage therapist. He also generates a powerful positive vibe as a person, and I believe that influences the work very much. I was lucky enough to be able to schedule a 2 hour session with Brian, and in that time, he helped me to release stress and to receive the power of breath and healing prana. So glad and grateful to have met and worked with Brian.

W.J., September 2012


Brian is an amazing person and also give a fabulous massage. I am a massage therapist and am very picky who I like working on me. I would be happy and oh, so lucky if I was able to get regular treatments from him. Ahhhhhhh. Besides his "Relaxing" massage he give a very good therapeutic session.

Claudia H., November 2012


Four out of every five people you meet in this part of Maui will turn out to be yoga instructors or massage therapists. Brian turns out to be both, and unlike most, he actually knows what he is doing. He skews more toward sports and therapeutic massage, but I'm sure he can break out the pan-pipes and cucumber slices if that's really your thing. But in all seriousness, Brian spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand why my body was broken, and did a shockingly good job trying to put it back together.

Very thorough, very conscientious, and very generous with his time. Prices were very affordable, too. He was very responsive and flexible by phone/text. I'm not sure exactly how wide his service area is, but if you're anywhere near Makawao or Paia, give him a shout. He's unquestionably a better option that the other local choices (and there are many other local choices since the Makawao Massage School is nearby).

Laurence W., 2012

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